How to play minecraft


How to get minecraft

The is is the link of where you can buy minecraft:

Before playing minecraft you will have to know where do you download minecraft. First click on the link that I put. Then in order to download minecraft you will need to have $26.95 to buy minecraft. You will have to make a account for minecraft. When you finish buying minecraft, click download and find the version that fit your computer. Ex). If you have a window computer than you will have to choose the version that fits windows.

Goal of minecraft

Minecraft is a creative game that you can do anything in it. There are not really a goal for this game. You can do anything you want in the game. You can build any structure you like, you can make you become more stronger and it was all ups to you. The only that might be a goal is to go to ender and fight the ender dragon. You can play it as long as you want. You can go mining, farming, battle the monster and all the things you want.

Movement of Minecraft

How to play minecraft

In this game you will have 20 heart and 20 hunger. If your life went to 0 you die. If the hunger is low, you can’t run and if it get to 0 you will going to lose your heart to one left. If you want to get the hunger back, you will have to eat food. If your hunger was full, then your live will recover too. When you start the game, you will have nothing on you and you have to discover it yourself. In the game, it will teach you the basic of how to play this games.


When you click single player. You will have to set with mode you want to be in. There are three mode that you can be in creative, survival, and spectator. Also there are 4 difficulty that you can chose, peaceful, easy, normal, and hard. After you finish setting up your game you can start it. When you are in the game it was all on you and you will have to discover what to do next. The game will teach you the basic but not all.


If you want to be in a multiplayer game you will need a ip to be in the game you can go to website and search for the ip that you will like to play in. The biggest multiplayer site are hypixel and it ip address are Click on add server and you will put the ip in the place that said ip. With you finish, click join in In multiplayer, you can play with your friend and there are a lot of mini game in hypixel that you can play too.